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Rare Colorado Columbine Blue Agate Jewelry For Sale

Rare Colorado Columbine Blue Agate Jewelry For Sale

Columbine agate is very rare and  is found in a very small area in the old extinct volcanic regions of the Colorado mountains. So named because of the resemblance in color to the state flower, the blue columbine.  Note that this agate, like many gems, varies some in color tone depending on the light source, from stronger brighter blue to a more grayish-purple blue.
Very similar in color to and undoubtedly equally as rare as the world-famous Ellensburg (WA) blue. A Buena Vista Gem Works web exclusive!

Update Date: 03/18
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Custom Made. One-of-a-Kind
Unique stones by Buena Vista Gem Works.
Fantastic natural piece of Columbine Blue Agate professionally wire wrapped by an acclaimed Colorado artist in a 14 kt GF pendant mounting. This piece measures 2-1/2" long! Fine color is accentuated by tiny quartz druse covering the surface which sparkles in the sun or other strong light.  This is the largest top quality rare Columbine agate we've ever had made into a piece of jewelry. It weighs over 23 grams! (Stock #Pw14y-BAF-46x26) $200.
  Another fine Columbine agate piece, this one with micro druse, tiny quartz crystals on the surface that sparkle in the bright sunlight. Good drusy pieces with top color like this are very rare, I only find a few each year All natural agate, with only a few sanded areas to remove sharp points. The 19 x 35 mm stone  is expertly wrapped in 14 kt gold-filled wire.  (Stock #Pw14y-BAF-19x35) $150.00
New! Columbine Blue Agate set in a nice sterling wire-wrap by Elle. Beautiful 10x14 mm oval cabochon gem. $60. Genuine Colorado gemstone.
Great new polished Colorado columbine blue agate cab set in sterling silver by Elle. 20x18 mm freeform oval.
(Stock # Pwss-baf-20x18). $40.00.
Super polished freeform cab, great blue! Artistically created wire-wrap by Elle in sterling silver. One of the best we've had.
(Stock # Pwss-baf-29x15). $120.00.
SOLD. Great polished freeform cab with a textured-looking pattern, artfully created by Elle in sterling silver. Genuine Colorado columbine agate, rare.
(Stock # Pwss-baf-25x18). $70.00
Nice 15x21 teardrop shape smooth cab, sterling wire wrap by Elle. (Stock # Pws-BA-15x21). $38.00
 Matching 10 mm round gems set in sterling ear studs. (Stock #Es-BA-10-1) $30.
Matching 10 mm round gems set in sterling ear studs. (Stock #Es-BA-10-2) $30.
Columbine Agate pear/teardrop shaped gem set in sterling prong mounting. 8x12 mm. $20.
Columbine Blue Agate tearop/pear in a sterling prong mounting, 8x12 mm. $20.
Similar to the one above, a nice Columbine Blue Agate tearop/pear in a sterling prong mounting, 8x12 mm. $20.
Columbine Blue Agate round, 10 mm, set in a sterling prong mounting. $20.
A 10x12 mm oval Columbine Blue Agate in a nice sterling pronged pendant mount. $30.
A larger gem, 10x14 mm in beautiful Columbine Blue Agate. Sterling silver prong mounted pendant. $35.
Here's a 13x18 mm oval Columbine Blue Agate in a prong mounting (sterling). $30.

To order, simply drop us an email to check on the availability of the piece(s). We accept Master Card, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Or pay by Pay Pal, check, or money order. To pay by credit card, just call us with the name, number, expiration date, and billing address. Your card is not charged until your order is shipped. For information on our guarantee, shipping costs, method of shipment see our Terms & Conditions Page.

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